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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Echoes & Reflections

Lesson 2: Antisemitism

In this lesson, you learn about the origins of antisemitism, the place of antisemitism in Nazi ideology, and its similarities and differences to classic and modern antisemitism. You also learn about pre-war Jewish life in Germany and how the Nazi government used propaganda to exploit antisemitic attitudes among the German people and to create an atmosphere of terror.

More information about the Kristallnacht Pogrom

In this lesson, you meet Esther Clifford. Learn about the fate of some members of Esther's family during the Holocaust by clicking on the pages of testimony identified with .

Esther CliffordFamily tree

Judith Becker In this lesson, you meet Judith Becker. Learn more about Judith's experience living in Germany in the 1930s by reading the testimonies below:

Key Words

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Echoes & Reflections - A Multimedia Curriculum on the Holocaust
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