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Survivors' Registration Forms (שאלון לרישום ניצולי השואה)

All the downloads in this section are  in "PDF" format. PDF is short for Portable Document Format developed by Adobe Systems. This makes it possible to print formatted documents. To view a file in PDF format, you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free application distributed by Adobe Systems. (Hebrew  users please download Acrobat Reader ME)  If you have questions about PDF and how to print this document, please visit Adobe's customer support page.

In order to be able to download  as quickly and efficiently as possible, we recommend that you cancel the browser integration in your Acrobat Reader. In order to do so you should start your Acrobat Reader, choose File > Preferences > General (Ctrl+K) and cancel the web browser integration).

Survivors Registration forms should be mailed to the Hall of Names, Yad Vashem, P.O.B 3477, Jerusalem 9103401, Israel. Fax submissions are not encouraged (poor image quality) but will be accepted.

שאלונים לרישום ניצולים יש לשלוח לכתובת: היכל השמות, יד ושם, ת.ד. 3477, ירושלים 9103401. אפשרות לשלוח שאלונים בפקס קיימת אך לא מומלצת בשל האיכות הירודה.

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