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Written Testimonies

Joint testimony of Yehuda Barelis, born 1919, Žiežmariai, and Reyne Shlom (Berkman), born 1909, Žasliai, regarding the murder of Jews of Žiežmariai:
... The following morning, after the men were shot, the Lithuanian murderers surrounded all the Jewish homes and the remaining Jewish women were driven out of their homes with their children. The murderers made sure that no one was left behind in the houses. Under a heavy guard composed only of Lithuanian murderers, the women were taken on the road toward Žasliai. At the Triliskiu Hills, long pits had already been dug between the shrubs. There they shot all of the women and children. One girl, Miriam Seifer, crawled out of the pit and pleaded with the Lithuanian murderers to allow them to live. But the murderers only smiled, and shot her to death.
The site where they shot the women and children on the Triliskiu Hills is 1.5 kilometers from the village on the road that leads into Žasliai, a few hundred meters from the road. No one from the village was able to save himself ....
YVA O.71/85
Luba Bielas (Kilevic) was born in 1925 in Ziezmariai
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Luba Bielas (Kilevic) was born in 1925 in Ziezmariai