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Written Testimonies

Testimony of Chaya Chasman Testimony of Chaya Chasman YVA, O.71/67

Chaya Chasman, who was born in Skuodas, testified:
On the same evening of June 29, 1941, the Lithuanians took groups of men from the Caesar Hall to fields owned by the Jew Zelikovich. There they were forced to dig pits. The Lithuanian “partisans” [members of Lithuanian fascist groups who collaborated with the Germans and, in the following months were active in the mass murder of Lithuanian Jews], together with a number of Germans, took groups of men from the hall to the pits and killed them there. Most of the Jews of the village were murdered that evening. At the last minute some of those about to be murdered were taken aside. They were taken to clean up rubble in the city and to prepare housing for the German troops and the Lithuanian “partisans.” After they completed these tasks, they were killed. Among the victims were: Reuven Gilder, Moshe Leyb Grinblat, Netanel Turek, and Yosef Levin.
People said that, when he was at the pits, Yitzhak Malkenzon, who had married the widow of Zelikovich, strangled a Lithuanian “partisan” to death. Another Lithuanian split his head in two so that he fell next to the Lithuanian he had strangled.
YVA, O.71/67