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Written Accounts

From the testimony of Elena Chervinskaya:
... March 12, 1943. It was a cold [but] windless day.... In the morning all the Jews of the village were gathered in one building. However, we two families with Belarusian mothers were left home, under strict orders and surveillance until the matter was "clarified" (as the village elder expressed it). The men were loaded onto sleds and taken by the field road, while the rest were taken on foot directly to the forest. (According to eyewitnesses)...Chernomordik's younger granddaughter was also taken there on foot by a German....
From Vladimir Lifshitz, The Jewish Community of Gorki, Upper Nazareth-Gorki 2009 (in Russian)
From the recollections of Adam Koposhilov:
The fellow villages followed [the Jews driven to the killing] almost in entire village, some did it out of curiousity, another out of sorrow. But all were terrified by the picture of shooting. Two first shots hit the mother and daughter Alkin. She managed to sing "International", hugging the son. The Germans torn off her hands her three-year old daughter, placed the curly, blond girl with big blue eyes upon the log. She looked trustingly upon the degenerate who enjoyed this picture, until she fell dead. The bullet hit her head. The people were so terrified that they did not resist. They were forced to kneel down and were shot in the back of their heads
From Vladimir Lifshitz, Jewish community of Gorki, Nazrat-Illit-Gorki 2009

The Rudkovshchina village council information about murdering of local Jews The Rudkovshchina village council information about murdering of local Jews

From the information of Rudkovshchina village council about the Jews perished during the Holocaust:
...1943. On one Sunday of the beginning of March at the evening... all Jewish families were driven into a building which before the war served as maternity hospital and the guard was put consisting of policemen living in the villages Rudkovshchina and Volovtsy. However the next day all were released home being warned that they have no right to be absent. Next morning once again they began to drive [people] to maternity hospital building, and soon [afterwards] they put [the people] upon the sledges and driven to the direction of the forest. Here at the river's bend between two oaks they found the eternal refuge. These people were so worn out and terrified that they did not resist, ordered everybody upon the knees and shot at the back of the heads.... First two shots were heard. It was shot Alkina and her daughter Liza.... She spoke good German and turned to Germans with some request. Afterwards there was a small pause and a terrible outcry of the assembled people. Among this outcry the song "International" was heard and then the volleys of automatic rifles. Without the bullet died merely three-year old daughter of Dodkina Khaya. Mother was holding her at arms in one dress without the headwear. It was she and two of her sons cuddled to the mothers who were singing "International". [Germans] did no manage to put them on the knees. Thus they fell down. In her fall the mother covered the girls and apparently strangled her....
The Notes of Elena Chervinskaya