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Tyazhilov Brick Factory

Site of Murder of Vinnitsa Jews Site of Murder of Vinnitsa Jews TR.10/3651

On the morning of September 19, 1941 Germans and Ukrainian auxiliaries started to drive the Jews living in the Zamostye area on the right bank of South Bug River out of their homes to the collection point on Kotsyubinskiy Avenue. From there the victims were taken to a brick factory in Tyazhilov (then on the eastern outskirts of the city, now part of Vinnitsa). After being forced to strip naked, the victims were shot at a pit. It is unknown how many people were murdered in Tyazhilov, but the total number of victims of the September 19 massacre exceeded 10,000. The perpetrators were members of Einsatzkommando 6 of Einsatzgruppe C and of the 45th, of the 314th Order Police Battalions, probably also of 304th Order Police Battalion and Ukrainian auxiliaries.