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Timkovichi Ravine

The first local mass execution of Jews took place on March 25, 1942. Children and old people were killed during this operation. Afterwards many Jews fled to join the partisans. In the second operation, either on April 25 (according to testimonies and an inscription on the memorial from 1945), or on May 25 (according to a list of murdered Jews from Soviet sources), 1942, the Germans shot dead about 900 Jews. Adults were murdered in this mass murder. Only specialists were left alive. In order to conceal their intentions and prevent resistance the Germans ordered the Jews of Timkovichi to take 5 kilograms of clothing and food on the way - to deceive them into believing they were going to be resettled. However, in fact the Germans made the Jews take off their clothes and then shot them in a ravine. A Lithuanian murder squad and Belarusian policemen assisted the Germans.