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Shatilki, Parichi County, Polesye District, Belarus (today Svetlogorsk) , Belarus )

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Jews first settled in Shatilki at the end of the 18th century. In the early Soviet period between 400 and 500 Jews lived in Shatilki. In the 1920s Shatilki and Pechichshi villages were formally associated with a nearby Jewish kolkhoz. A Yiddish school operated in the village. Shatilki was occupied by the Germans at the beginning of July 1941. A ghetto was established near the post office in 3 – 4 houses on a street (today Sotsialisticheskaya Street) populated by Jews. Although the ghetto was not guarded, the Jews were not allowed to work and had to barter their belongings for food. The ghetto inmates were murdered in March - February 1942.