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Novyy Bug

Novyy Bug, Novyy Bug County, Nikolayev District, Ukraine

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Jews started to settle in Novyy Bug in the first half of the 19th century. 1,962 Jews lived in Novyy Bug in 1897, when they comprised 14.6 percent of the total population. Most Jews in the town were small-scale merchants or artisans.
The Jews of Novyy Bug suffered greatly during the revolutionary years and civil war in Russia. There was a pogrom in Novyy Bug on May 19, 1919.
Many Jews left Novyy Bug for larger towns in the 1920s and 1930s in search of jobs and higher education. 269 Jews lived in the town in 1939, when they comprised 2.3 percent of the total population.
Novyy Bug was occupied by German forces on August 14, 1941. Most of the Jews succeeded in leaving the town before the arrival of the Germans. About 30 Jews who remained were murdered on May 14, 1942.
Novyy Bug was liberated by the Red Army on March 8, 1944.