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Mariupol, Mariupol County, Stalino (today Donetsk) District, Ukraine

To enlarge the map click here View of Mariupol Port, 1942 View of Mariupol Port, 1942 YVA, Photo Collection 30/189

Jews lived in Mariupol from the mid-nineteenth century. During the pogrom of October 20-22, 1905 in the city, 21 Jews were killed and many of the Jewish shops and houses looted. During the interwar period, Mariupol became an important industrial center. Many Jews were employed in government institutions and on industrial sites. A Yiddish school operated in the city. In 1939, 10,444 Jews lived in Mariupol, some 5 percent of the total population. On October 8, 1941, the Germans occupied Mariupol. The Jews of Mariupol were killed in two murder operations in October 1941. Mariupol was liberated by the Red Army on September 10, 1943.