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Borzna, Borzna County, Chernigov District, Ukraine

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The local Jewish community in Borzna was destroyed in 1648 and Jews did not resume living there until the mid-18th century. Thereafter, the local Jewish community grew rapidly, reaching its peak at the end of the 19th century. In 1881 a pogrom took place in Borzna and in 1919 at least 22 Jews were brutally murdered in a wave of pogroms carried out by units of Denikin's Army and by Ukrainian Cossacks.
Under Sovet rule a Yiddish school was established in Borzna. Many Jews of Borzna were skilled tailors. In 1939 326 Jews lived in the town, comprising 3 percent of its total population.
Borzna was occupied by German troops on September 11, 1941. The bad condition of the roads and the lack of railway transportation from Borzna made it difficult for the Jews to escape. Some Jews from Borzna were shot by Germans in November 1941 in an unknown location. The remaining Jews were murdered in February 1942.
Borzna was liberated by the Red Army on September 8, 1943.