Karl Jaeger (1888-1959) was a World War I veteran who joined the Nazi party in 1930, and the SS in 1933. From June - December 1941, he commanded Einsatzkommando 3a in Lithuania, and from December 1941 through 1943, he headed the Security Police and the SD in Lithuania. He was also active in the SD in Muenster. After the war, Jaeger became a farmer in Heidelberg. In 1959, he committed suicide after judicial proceedings were initiated against him.

The Jaeger Report

Karl Jaeger, who was responsible for the annihilation of Lithuania's Jews, reported in early December 1941 that no Jews remained in Lithuania except for those in three ghettos: Siauliai, Kaunas and Vilna. Three months later, Jaeger produced another report that included the number of people killed by his unit: 136,421 Jews, 1,064 Communists, 653 "mentally ill" people, and 134 others. Of these victims, 55,556 were women and 34,464 children.