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German Reports

The Yad Vashem Archives hold many millions of pages of documents gathered from numerous German archives (West and East).

Bundesarchiv-Militaerarchiv, Freiburg, RH 23/79, copy YVA M.29.FR/40

From the reports of German command offices in Crimea
March 16, 1942
Activity Report of the Field Commandant's Office (V) 810 Yevpatoria for the period from March 1 to 15, 1942:
The field commandant's office was informed by an inhabitant of Shaumia [sic] kolkhoz that there were still 114 Jews in this locality. They are so-called Mountain Jews, called Tats, who in 1939 settled there with the aid of American money. This locality is not yet marked on the map...These inhabitants were resettled [sic] in cooperation with the SD.
Antonina Pankratova lived in Shaumyan
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Antonina Pankratova lived in Shaumyan
Interview by Mikhail Tyaglyi and Tatyana Velichko
The International Institute for Holocaust Research at Yad Vashem