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Written Testimonies

Article about Yaakov Bunka <a href='photos/505/commemoration_wt.pdf' target='_blank' style='font-size:x-small;'>Click for PDF</a> Article about Yaakov Bunka Click for PDF Sobytiya i vremya, No. 21, 1988

Article from Sobytiya i vremya (Events and Time), 1988, XI, Issue 21
… A mournful gathering, marking the dedication of a memorial, was held on Saturday, August 27, in the Kaushensky Forest, not far from Plunge, where 1,800 Jews were shot (about half of Plunge’s population) on July 15, 1941, next to the “secular”/liberal cemetery. Chairman of the Jewish Cultural Society of Lithuania, Emanuelis Zingeris, spoke first. Antanas Bindacus, Chairman of the Plunge Executive Committee, mentioned the honorable initiative of artist Yakovas Bunkas [Yaakov Bunka], who created the very first sculpture, “Born for Life”. Y. Bunka also created three more monuments. This initiative was taken up by other artists from Plunge – Edvardas Riauba, Augustas Zalgiris, Saulus Ambrashka, Vladas Stumbras, Ionas Kuodis, Leonardas Cerniauskas and Titas Bekinas. They created true pieces of art. The ten statues, erected at the edge of the Kausenai Forest and on a hill, wail the unforgettable tragedy that had happened here.

Gene Gorensteinene recited an inspiring poem about the life of Plunge’s Jews and their terrible destiny. Doctor of History Solomonas Atamukas and Advocate Mira Rolnikaite–Lisauskene (originally from Plunge) shared their thoughts ....
Yevseus Yatsovsky, MA (History) Honored Lawyer of the Social Republic of Lithuania