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Commemoration of Jewish Victims

Monument in Rēzekne Monument in Rēzekne YVA, Photo Collection 230AO1 Memorial in Rēzekne Memorial in Rēzekne YVA, Photo Collection 1243/1 Memorial in Rēzekne Memorial in Rēzekne YVA, Photo Collection 229GO8

In 1946 or 1947 vandals opened the mass grave in the Rēzekne Jewish cemetery, looking for valuables. They scattered the ashes that remained after the Germans had burned the bodies of Jews in April 1944. Jews who had returned to Rēzekne after the war, together with two of the town’s only three resident Jewish survivors, Chaim and Yakov Izraelit, gathered the ashes and reburied them in the original grave. Despite appeals made by the Jews to the local authorities, no measures were taken to halt the activities of the vandals.
A monument was erected at the Jewish cemetery with a Hebrew inscription that reads: “A memorial monument is engraved in our hearts, tears flow from our eyes, for our children, women, and old people, and for the rabbis and [members of] our communities that were devoured and burned by the fascist beasts here in Rēzekne, 1941.”
Later, at the new entrance to the cemetery, a second monument was erected, with an inscription in Yiddish, Russian, and Latvian.