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ChGK Soviet Reports

The Yad Vashem Archives hold a vast collection of documents amassed by the Soviet Extraordinary State Commission (ChGK).

The ChGk Soviet report from Aleksandriya The ChGk Soviet report from Aleksandriya GARF 7021-66-124, copy YVA JM/19713

The following report of the ChGK from from June 5, 1944 contains a description of the mass murder of the Jews in Aleksandriya:
Testimonies of Aleksandriya town residents confirm that there were 2,572 Jews killed, including men, women, and children.
In their testimonies witnesses report that, on the pretext of being relocated from the town, large groups of Jews were collected at one location. They were told to bring their valuables, which were later taken from them. Then, at gunpoint and threatened with being beaten on the head, they were taken to the shooting range on the southeastern outskirts of Aleksandriya. There the Jews were forced to strip naked, abused, and tortured. Children were beaten and murdered before their mothers' eyes, and then everyone was shot. [Before that] some people went mad and screamed in terror.