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Sunday to Wednesday: 09:00-17:00
Thursday: 9:00-20:00 *
Fridays and Holiday eves: 09:00-14:00.

Yad Vashem is closed on Saturdays and all Jewish Holidays.

* The Holocaust History Museum, Museum of Holocaust Art, Exhibitions Pavilion and Synagogue are open until 20:00. All other sites close at 17:00.

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Featured Stories

Paul Grüninger

The Policeman who Lifted the Border Barrier Paul Grueninger was the Swiss border police commander of the St. Gallen region that borders with Austria. Following the annexation of Austria to Germany, Switzerland had closed its border to those arriving without proper entry permits, and in October 1938 negotiations between Switzerland and Nazi Germany led to the stamping of the famous “J” in German passports issued to Jews. As the situation of the Jews in Austria worsened and the number of... Read More Here

Robert and Johanna Sedul, Otilija Schimelpfening

The Janitor's Cellar   Roberts Sedul, a former seaman and boxer, worked as the janitor of a building in Liepaja. Before the war he was on friendly terms with a Jewish resident of the building, David Zivcon, and had promised to help him in time of need. After the German occupation, Zivcon was put in the ghetto with the other Jews of the town. He was an expert technician and was therefore employed by the Germans as an electrician. It was during his work, while he was doing repair work in a... Read More Here

Nikolaou Kostas

Yitzhak Cohen had been a friend of Nikolaou Kostas since the age of 14. On Yom Kippur of 1943, the Germans began to concentrate the Jews in Athens in preparation for deportation to the concentration camps. Nikolaou came to his Jewish friend’s house to ask how he could help him and his family (seven people). He suggested that he hide his friend and his friend’s family in the country, and finally obtained forged non-Jewish identity papers for them. Kostas arranged for a boat to take the Cohen... Read More Here

خانواده ولسکا (The Wolska Family)

  نشان "نیکوکاران جامعه بشری" به مالگورزاتا ولسکا (Wolska Malgorzata) و فرزندانش میچیسلاو ، هلینا میخالسکا ولسکا  (Halina Michalecka-Wolska) و واندا شاندورسکا ولسکا (Wanda Szandurska-Wolskaa) و برادرزاده اش یانوش ویسوتسکی (Janusz Wysocki) برای تلاش نافرجام  نجات دکتر عمانوئل رینگلبلوم(Emanuel Ringelblum) اعطا... Read More Here

مصطفی و زینبا هرداگا، ایزت و بشریا هرداگا، احمد صدیق (Mustafa and Zejneba Hardaga, Izet and Bachriya Hardaga, Ahmed Sadik)

در خلال بمباران های نیروی هوایی آلمان که پیش از حمله آلمان ها به یوگسلاوی در  آوریل 1941 انجام گرفت، خانه خانواده خبیلیو ویران گشت. افراد خانواده با شروع بمباران به سمت کوه ها فرار کردند و  بدون هیچ سر پناهی ماندند. هنگامی که در راه کارخانه خود بودند،  مصطفی هرداگا را ملاقات... Read More Here

یان کارسکی (Jan Karski)

یان کوزیلوسکی (Kozielewski) در سال 1914 در لودز متولد شد (کارسکی لغب وی در گروه زیرزمینی بود و بعدها تصمیم گرفت که این لغب را به اسم خانودگی خود تبدیل کند). وی تحصیلات خود در رشته جغرافیا را در سال 1935 در دانشگاه لوو (Lwów) به پایان رساند و به عنوان کارمند وزارت امور خارجه لهستان آغاز به کار... Read More Here

د. محمد حلمي, فريدا شتورمان

ولد الدكتور محمد حلمي في الخرطوم سنة 1901 لأبوين مصريين. وفي سنة 1922 توجه إلى برلين لدراسة الطب واستقر فيها.  وبعد تخرجه، بدأ يعمل في معهد "روبرت كوخ" في برلين، ولكن تم فصله عام 1937. (وقد دلت دراسة قام بها معهد روبرت كوخ سنة 2009 على أن المعهد كان متورطا بشدة في السياسة الطبية... Read More Here

هرداغا مصطفى وزينبا

كان مصطفى هرداغا مسلماً يقيم في سرافييو عاصمة البوسنة (التي كانت آنذاك جزءاً من يوغسلافيا) حيث كان يملك عمارة مجاورة لمنزله استخدمها اليهودي يوسيف كابيليو مصنعاً لإنتاج مواسير المجاري والصرف والصحي. وكانت عائلة كابيليو تقيم في الطابق الثالث من عمارة محاذية للمصنع. في يوم... Read More Here

يان كارسكي

ولد يان كارسكي عام 1914 في مدينة لوج البولندية لعائلة كوزيلوفسكي (وهو اسمه الحقيقي، علما بأن اسم "كارسكي" اسم حركي قرر فيما بعد تبنيه كاسمه الثاني). في سنة 1935 أنهى دراسته في قسم علم السكان بجامعة لفوف فتوظف في وزارة الخارجية البولندية. وبعد احتلال بولندا في سبتمر أيلول 1939 التحق... Read More Here

Paul and Suzanne Gibaud, Louis and Georgette Barthelemy, Albert and Renee Sarro

Francine Levy, nee Horonczyk, was born in Paris in 1939. Although she was very young at the time of the war, she had heard from her mother that several families had joined to save her life during the German occupation of France. Much of that story had been documented by her mother, who gave testimony to Yad Vashem in 1958. The Horonczyk family consisted of Joseph-Itzik and his wife Perla-Malka Horonczyk, both had immigrated from Poland and married in France . They lived with their little... Read More Here

Jan and Antonina Zabinski

Hiding in Zoo Cages   By the 1930's the Warsaw Zoo had become one of Europe's largest zoos. Its expanded area housed many animals. This prosperity was, however, short lived. When World War II broke out extensive parts of the zoo were destroyed in the bombings, many animals were killed, and others, including the zoo's special attraction – the elephant Tuzinka – were taken to Germany. Dr. Jan Zabinski was the director of the zoo. He was the author of many popular-knowledge books about... Read More Here

Raoul Wallenberg

A Swedish Rescuer in Budapest   After the occupation of Hungary on March 19, 1944, the Swedish degation launched a rescue operation to save Jews from being deported to the death camps. The newly created American War Refugee Board decided to work with the Swedish government in order to help Hungary’s Jews. Soon the Swedish legation in Budapest reported that they were under enormous pressure of Jews seeking protection in the form of passports or visas. They asked to send a special envoy whose... Read More Here

Vesel and Fatima Veseli and their children: Refik, Hamid and Xhemal

Muslim Rescuers in Albania In 1934, Herman Bernstein, the United States Ambassador to Albania, wrote: “There is no trace of any discrimination against Jews in Albania, because Albania happens to be one of the rare lands in Europe today where religious prejudice and hate do not exist, even though Albanians themselves are divided into three faiths.” The Mandil family came from Yugoslavia, where Moshe owned a flourishing photography shop. When the Germans invaded Yugoslavia in April 1941, the... Read More Here

Henry Christen and Ellen Margrethe Thomsen

With Fishing Boats to Sweden Henry Christian Thomsen and his wife Ellen Margrethe were innkeepers in the village of Snekkersten near Elsinore in north Zeeland. An estimated 1,000 people left for Sweden through this point. The Thomsens were active members in the resistance and their inn became the hub of the clandestine route to Sweden. It was the meeting point for the fishermen who transferred Jews in their boats and the fleeing Jews were sheltered in the inn or directed by the Thomsens to... Read More Here

Andree Geulen-Herscovici

Geulen's List The first time Andrée Geulen, a 20-year-old teacher in a Brussels school, was confronted with the persecution of the Jews was when one day some of her students arrived at school with the compulsory yellow star on their clothes. Like many other Belgians, until that time Geulen hadn't paid attention to the anti-Jewish measures and the persecution of the Jews. But once she was faced with the discrimination of her students, she decided to act. She ordered all her students to wear... Read More Here

Chiune Sempo Sugihara

Visas to Japan Shortly before the outbreak of World War II Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact. Accordingly, when the Germans invaded Poland in September 1939, the Soviet Union occupied the country’s eastern parts. Following the Germans attack on Poland and the beginning of the persecution of the Jews there, many fled eastwards. Some 15,000 Jews from Poland arrived in the still independent Lithuania. Caught between the Nazis and the Soviets, they were desperately... Read More Here

Oskar and Emilie Schindler

Schindler’s List Oskar Schindler was born on April 28, 1908 at Zwittau/Moravia (today in the Czech Republic). His middle-class Catholic family belonged to the German-speaking community in the Sudetenland. The young Schindler, who attended German grammar school and studied engineering, was expected to follow in the footsteps of his father and  take charge of the family farm-machinery plant. Some of Schindler’s schoolmates and childhood neighbors were Jews, but with none of them did he... Read More Here

Mykola and Maria Dyuk

Hillel and Clara Safran lived in Złoczów, Poland (now Zolochiv, Ukraine) with their son Roald. In July 1941, when Roald was four years old, the German army conquered Zlochow. Soon afterwards, Roald’s grandfather and some other relatives were murdered by the Einsatzgruppen – the shooting squads that were implementing the final solution in the territories conquered from the Soviet Union. At the beginning of 1942 the Safran family and other relatives were taken to a forced labor camp. The... Read More Here

Jules and Jeanne Roger and mother Louise Roger, Esther and Roger Perret

A Tale of Two French Butchers Dr. Ehud Loeb was born in 1934 as Herbert Odenheimer in Buehl, Germany. During the Holocaust his family was deported to France; from there his parents were sent to Auschwitz where they perished. Dr. Loeb survived as a child in hiding. Ehud Loeb today lives in Jerusalem and is a member of the Commission for the Designation of the Righteous Among the Nations. He feels that as someone who was saved, it is his duty to contribute in some way to rewarding those who... Read More Here

Father Bronius Paukstys and his brother Juozas

The Priest’s Request Born in 1897 to a farming family with eleven children, Father Bronius Paukstys entered the priesthood and joined the Salesian order, living the life of a monk. When the Germans occupied Lithuania, Father Paukstys began saving Jewish lives. He did not follow the footsteps of Archbishop Vincentas Brizgyz, head of the Catholic Church in Lithuania, who turned down the Jews' petition for help on grounds that this may jeopardize the Church's position or of Father Ignatavicius... Read More Here