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Yad Vashem is closed on Saturdays and all Jewish Holidays.

* The Holocaust History Museum, Museum of Holocaust Art, Exhibitions Pavilion and Synagogue are open until 20:00. All other sites close at 17:00.

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An almost deadly outburst of antisemitism, also connected with the machine-gunners' school

As Kaplan recalled:

"We had cross-country skiing [at the machine-gunners' school] with  full combat equipment. In my platoon there was a cadet named Dikhel, with a weak heart, who looked like a skeleton covered with skin.  This sick person was apparently drafted into the army because the enlistment office was having difficulty meeting its quota of recruits.  We went cross-country skiing. After five kilometers, Dikhel fell into the snow and could not get up. I went up to him and took his bag and Cadet Donets […] took Dikhel's rifle, but the cadet could still not get up. Suddenly, the commander of another company rushed up and yelled 'Get up, you motherfucker!' and struck hit Dikhel on the back with a stick. I said to him: 'Comrade Lieutenant, it's not for me to tell you this and it's not for you to hear it from me, but what are you doing? Why are you beating him? You are a commander of the Red Army, aren't you ashamed?' He replied:  'Shut up! Do you want to be sent to a punishment company?' and he cursed me. Then he hit Dikhel again...  Twenty more cadets approached. Suddenly this lieutenant stared at Dikhel's face and asked: 'What is his nationality?' I responded: 'What does that matter to you?'. The lieutenant almost jumped out of his skin and said: 'I asked a question! Answer it!' I said: 'He is a Jew. And so am I.'  Donets, who had concealed his identity and had been registered as an ethnic Russian, also said to the  lieutenant – 'And I'm a Jew too!' Another cadet, a pure Russian guy, said: 'Lieutenant, what the devil do you care about his nationality?' He [the lieutenant] shut up for a while, just staring at us with hatred. I said: 'Listen, you louse of a commander, even though I don't want to be sent to a punishment company because of such shit, we can just tear you to pieces right now!" He grabbed for his holster but we piled on top of him ... Suddenly, out of nowhere, our company commander Mikhailov appeared and stopped things from going any further. [Subsequently], he 'hushed up' this matter [...]

I was summoned by the Komsomol boss of the school and told not to raise a scandal. He promised that this lieutenant would be punished by the head of the school. Dikhel was sent to a hospital but I do not know his fate. […]

[Later] the chief of the General Physical Training Department of the school called me and proposed that I stay at the school as an instructor in physical training. I understood very well that he was offering me – no more and no less than life  ... since I knew what awaited me at the front. However, at that moment I recalled the incident with Dikhel and I could imagine how I would have to exchange smiles with that lieutenant if I met him so I said, 'No, I want to go to the front.' The head of the GPT Department said confidentially in an effort to be of help 'Think it over well, cadet. At the front, you will soon become a fertilizer for kolkhoz fields.' Before I was sent from the school to the front, he turned to me again and said: 'If you change your mind, write us from your unit and we will call you back to the school." [1]