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Sunday to Wednesday: 09:00-17:00
Thursday: 9:00-20:00 *
Fridays and Holiday eves: 09:00-14:00.

Yad Vashem is closed on Saturdays and all Jewish Holidays.

* The Holocaust History Museum, Museum of Holocaust Art, Exhibitions Pavilion and Synagogue are open until 20:00. All other sites close at 17:00.

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Article about Liuba Sheinina

The following is an excerpt from the article by Shlomo Rabinovich, prepared for Eynikayt. The article stresses Liuba Sheinina's Jewishness, along with her Soviet patriotism:

"It was a dark night. [A group of an] intelligence unit successfully crossed the Dnieper [to the German side]. Nikolai Prokhorov [the commanding officer] and another 5 brave soldiers reached the German trenches in order to capture alive … one [of the Germans soldiers]…. During the exchange of fire with the Germans … Nikolai Prokhorov was severely wounded.… Twenty three wounds were counted on his body by personnel of the Medical-Sanitation Battalion [where he was taken]. Thirteen fragments had penetrated deep into his body. He was lying close to death due to his [tremendous] loss of blood. All the doctors thought that Prokhorov would not survive. Only one, the surgeon Liuba Sheinina, took it upon herself to save the life of the Soviet hero Nikolai Prokhorov. She was assisted in this by a young Jewish surgeon, Tsvirina, and a nurse, Katia Sibiriakova. She [Sheinina] did not leave his side for several days. Liuba Sheinina did everything possible so that this Soviet officer would recover. Only when she was sure that his condition had improved did she agree to evacuate Prokhorov to a hospital in the rear. Now Nikolai Prokhorov writes from [a hospital in the city of] Tashkent: "I can convey to you the good news – I am alive!… I should thank all of you [i.e., the staff of the surgery battalion], my friends, for saving my life. I found out that Dr. Liuba Sheinina saved my life. I will never forget her for my whole life. May the Jewish people who gave the [Soviet] motherland and the Red Army such a wonderful person, be blessed…."

From: GARF 8114-1-418, copy YVA JM/26223, published in Shlomo Rabinovich, "Der khirurg Liube Sheinin" (The Surgeon Liuba Sheinina), Eynikayt, September 16, 1943.