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Visiting Info
Opening Hours:

Sunday to Wednesday: 09:00-17:00
Thursday: 9:00-20:00 *
Fridays and Holiday eves: 09:00-14:00.

Yad Vashem is closed on Saturdays and all Jewish Holidays.

* The Holocaust History Museum, Museum of Holocaust Art, Exhibitions Pavilion and Synagogue are open until 20:00. All other sites close at 17:00.

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Miriam Kogan's Memoir

In the interview she gave in Odessa in 2009 Miriam Kogan related the story of how she was captured by the Germans near Kharkov in May 1942:

"I was wounded in my left foot, a piece of shrapnel from an airial bomb got inside and stayed there.… In this state we were trying to walk. But how could we go anywhere? We couldn't lift our heads. Planes circling above, dropping bombs on us from all directions.… It was a nightmare. People were being torn to pieces.… They [Germans] were forcing us to move, taking us prisoner. The Germans were on one side of us, with their machine guns, forcing us to move. On the side of the road there was an enormous column of people moving. Hundreds of thousands…. But when they were forcing us on, if someone fell behind, he was shot immediately. That's why I was practically carried: I had a bullet wound on this side and another bullet wound in my leg. So I was held up on both sides, under my armpits.… The Germans who were escorting [guarding] us were constantly yelling: 'Communists, Komsomol [Communist Youth League] members, Jews….' Of course, there were scum [among the prisoners] who betrayed people, trying to save their own skin. And so as we were walking, people were snatched out of the line and shot.… It's probably very difficult for a normal person to imagine this. Can you imagine this? A column of miserable prisoners walking, German machine gunners on one side and on the other side they pass a gallery of corpses. Corpses of our soldiers, our fighters, officers, everyone, all those who were betrayed - Komsomol members, Jews and Communists.…"

From: Julie Chervinsky, Lives of the Great Patriotic War: the Untold Stories of Soviet Jewish Soldiers in the Red Army During World War II, New York, 2011, pp. 37 - 38.