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Visiting Info
Opening Hours:

Sunday to Wednesday: 09:00-17:00
Thursday: 9:00-20:00 *
Fridays and Holiday eves: 09:00-14:00.

Yad Vashem is closed on Saturdays and all Jewish Holidays.

* The Holocaust History Museum, Museum of Holocaust Art, Exhibitions Pavilion and Synagogue are open until 20:00. All other sites close at 17:00.

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Interview with Efim Berezovskii

In an interview given in the early 2000s Efim Berezovskii recalled how his artillery unit crossed over to the right bank of the Dnieper:

"North of Kiev is located the village of Liutezh and there my battery and the Infantry battalions were ordered to cross the Dnieper and take a bridgehead in order to broaden it and [subsequently] to liberate Kiev. On September 23, on improvised rafts and the infantry on the fishing boats we [i.e. our artillery] began to cross the Dnieper under enemy fire-mortar shells, and roaring of artillery! We had 4 cannons… but one of our raft with weapons was sunk. Also some infantrymen were drowned [by the Germans]. But [eventually], via bank in hand-to-hand combat we reached the [right]. Together with the infantry we managed to capture a small bridgehead and, during the following 24 hours, we repelled 11 [German] attacks. Around us the ground was literally burning under our feet. … We were the very first division to cross the Dnieper…. Marshal [Georgii] Zhukov [Chief of the General Staff of the Red Army] arrived at the site in order to prepare the offensive for the liberation of Kiev. He was told about my battery, came to see the battery and congratulated me. He shook my hand [and said]: 'Good for you, you can already consider yourself a hero.' [Subsequently] four men of my battery, including myself, were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union."

From: "Efim Berezovskii" by A. Drabkin, first published on December 12, 2007, I Remember, Soviet WWII Veteran-memoirs (Russian/English), last accessed on October 17, 2014,http://iremember.ru/artilleristi/berezovskiy-efim-matveevich.html.