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Transportation and Parking

Yad Vashem is situated on Har Hazikaron  in Jerusalem.

Entrance to the site is via the Holland Junction, situated on the Herzl Route opposite the entrance to Mount Herzl and the descent to Ein Kerem.

Arrival to Yad Vashem


The following bus lines reach the Mount Herzl bus stop:
10, 16, 20, 23, 24, 26, 26a, 27, 27a, 28, 28a, 29, 33, 25, 39, 150

The tourist Bus #99 stops at Yad Vashem. For information about Bus #99 and its schedule visit

For more information on bus services, please visit the “Egged” website:

Light Rail Train - Exit at the Mount Herzel station (final stop).

For more information on the Light Rail Train, please visit

Free Shuttle Service

A free shuttle continuously runs between Mount Herzl and Yad Vashem during the opening hours of Yad Vashem. The shuttle makes six stops along its route on the Yad Vashem campus.
Download a timetable for the shuttle service.


Underground parking is available for private visitors, at a daily rate of 28 shekels. The parking facility is located at the entrance to Yad Vashem, adjacent to the main traffic circle.

The parking lot for buses of organized groups is situated after the entrance gate to Yad Vashem, to the right of the access road. Bus drivers are requested to disembark their passengers at the traffic circle, and then park in the assigned parking lot.

Disabled Parking

Eight spaces are reserved in the underground parking lot for cars with a valid disabled badge. Exit from the parking lot is possible via a direct elevator to the Entrance Plaza and Visitors' Center.

Directions by car

From Tel Aviv, Route 1: When you arrive at the entrance to the city, turn right to the Herzl Route, and follow the signs to Hadassah Ein Kerem, Mount Herzl and Yad Vashem.

From Tel Aviv, Road 443 and Begin Route: Exit at “Givat Mordechai”. Turn right and continue until Herzl Route. Turn left and follow the signs to Yad Vashem.

Hotels and visits in Jerusalem

Additional information on planning tours in Jerusalem and overnight stays in the capital may be found at the Jerusalem Municipality website:

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