Anton Schmid as described by the leaders of Jewish resistance

In a letter to his friends in Palestine, written in April 1943, Mordechai Tenenbaum describes Anton Schmid

“We should remember Anton Schmied, a German Feldwebel [corporal], from Vienna, who risked his life to save hundreds of Jews from the Vilna ghetto and became a loyal ally of our movement and a friend of the author of this letter. He was killed by the gendarmes because of his ties to us.”

Yitzhak Zuckerman, a member of the Zionist movement in an essay about Tenenbaum: “He [Tenenbaum] once told us how he saved our comrades in Vilna, how he moved the group to Bialystock with the help of the Austrian Feldwebel, Anton Schmid. He described every detail about this man: who he was, where he had come from, what he looked like and how he, Mordechai, had met him. We listened to this extraordinary tale with open mouths. A German soldier – a saint. He saved Jews; his heart was into Jewish matters; his life was invested in these matters and he was killed because of them. From that time Schmid became one of us, a family member.”

From: Mordehai Tenenbaum-Tamaroff from: Pages from Fire (Hebrew),