Testimony of Jacob Sternberg, May 1962

We are very moved by everything we heard here tonight, and even more by the meeting with our rescuer, Schindler. I personally had two most happy days in my life: One when I came to this country, twelve years ago. And the other was 28 April 1962 when we welcomed our rescuer and friend. It was a day of celebration for us. who in his wildest dreams could have foreseen that one day we  would welcome Schindler in our own country and in our free state. Hundreds of his survivors came to the airport and to meet him. The excitement and emotion demonstrated what Schindler was for us.

For seventeen years, for various reasons, we didn’t express these feelings. Even today we are unable to fully express our gratitude for what he had done for us. But it is important that our children will know what he did for their parents….

People mentioned commemoration. It is our duty…
And now I would like to ask you to receive a golden ring from us. Inside you will find Hebrew words of our dedication to you. This memento is not offered to you in reward, but to replace the very ring that we gave you on the day of liberation. Our friend Licht, who did the other ring, also produced this one.

And finally, I can only tell you: Be blessed as you leave Israel. Our wishes accompany you and your wife. I wish we will be able to meet again soon.