The letter Anton Schmid wrote to his wife before his execution

“My dear Steffi,

As I think of you in joy and in sorrow, I inform you, my dearest, that my verdict has been announced today and that I must part from this world, for I have been sentenced to death. Please put your trust in God who decides all our destinies.

I could not change anything, otherwise I would have spared you and Greta all this. Please forgive me. I did not wish to cause you this pain, but unfortunately there is no way back. I am prepared to die since this is the will of God and His will must be done. You must reconcile yourself to this. And once again, I ask you two, the dearest to me in all the world, please forget the pain I’m causing you, and keep your peace. After all, all I did ws to save human lives, even if they were Jews, and in doing so, I sealed my own fate. As I have always done, I acted only for the sake of others, and so I sacrificed everything for my fellow men.

My dear ones, I beg you again and again, please forget me. Everything is ordained, it is what fate willed. I conclude these lines and send my blessing and and kisses to both of you and to all those close to me in this world and the next, where God will speedily take me into his arms.
Loving you for eternity,