From the testimony of Rachel Posin, 13 September 1993

I was born in Poland and came to Denmark in 1938 as a tourist to visit my uncle and aunt who lived in Copenhagen. I stayed in Denmark, living with my family and helping them with their everyday work. My family had a retail shop.

On October 1, 1943, I fled from Copenhagen together with my uncle, aunt, cousin, cousin’s wife and their little son. We were told that there was a possibility to get to Sweden from North Zeeland. We were sent to Snekkersten, where we met Dr. Gersfelt. He directed us to innkeeper Thomsen, who arranged to get us accommodated with a family living close to the Snekkersten Inn. The family gave us food and lodging and tried to make us feel calm. The next day we went to the inn and Mr. Thomsen and his helpers put us on board the innkeeper’s fishing boat, carefully hidden. We sailed past the harbor watchmen and Mr. Thomsen told him that they were going fishing someplace.