Jean Phillipe’s letter of resignation

Toulouse, 13 January 1943

To the General Commissioner

I regret to inform you that in view of our government’s present policy of not being conform to my ideas, I am unable to serve it with loyalty. I refuse to persecute the Jews who, according to my opinion, have the same right for happiness and life as Mr. Laval [Prime Minister of the collaborationist Vichy France] himself. I refuse to forcibly uproot French workers from their families: I believe that we have no right to deport our fellow citizens and that any Frenchman who becomes an accomplice to this infamy is a traitor, even if he is called Philippe Petain [the Head of State of collaborationist Vichy France]

I am aware of the exact significance of my words.

Consequently, I have the honor to inform you that with the same mail my resignation is being submitted to the Regional chief of Police.

Permit me to convey my gratitude for the extreme kindness that you have always demonstrated to me and please accept the expression of my respectful devotion.

Jean Phillipe