From the testimony of Adolphe Kornman, 1989

In October 1942 my mother wanted to move to the unoccupied zone, with my young sister and myself, in order to evade the risk of renewed roundups in our neighborhood of the 4th quarter [of Paris]. We had been lucky not to be on the lists of the previous roundups.

The director of our school in the Hospitaliers St. Gervais, Monsieur Joseph Migneret, had already provided some of my friends with false papers of non-Jewish Frenchmen. I therefore went to him. He provided us with documents that enabled us to make the trip across the demarcation line without trouble.

In addition, Monsieur Migneret paid visits to the German military hospital where one of my friends, Joseph Schulmann, aged 14, was hospitalized after he had escaped from a deportation train. He had lost his leg when the train ran over him. Migneret visited him regularly during his stay in the hospital and, taking enormous risks, made several attempts to get him released. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful. [Joseph Schulmann was eventually deported to Auschwitz on 18 July 1943, where he perished] All the kids from the school who knew Monsieur Migneret speak highly of his exemplary conduct during the dark period of the occupation. If there is anyone who deserves the title of the State of Israel, it’s him.