Letter from Mr. Grondowski (no date)

To our Jewish brothers,
Description of the rescue of seven Jews by Wyrzykowski Aleksander and his wife Antonina. They provided food for all of us.

There were seven people hiding: five men and two women. One of them was Moshe Olszewicz and the other Joshua Kowrzienski. They are nowadays in America. All stayed with Mr. Wyrzykowski in the village of Janczweka, 4 kilometers from the township Jedwabne. I, the witness, hid with them from the Nazi persecution for two years and three months. Occasionally the Germans conducted searches, and then all of us, all seven, hid under a pile of garbage with sheep and pigs above us. The Wyrzykowski family were in danger, and if the policemen would have discovered the hiding people, they would have killed the house owner together with the Jews.

Our Jewish brothers, these were terrible times and the struggle for survival was unbearable. It is impossible to measure what the Wyrzykowski family did for the seven Jews who are alive today and have children. I myself now live in Jedwabne, and I am the same Jew as before, named Grondowski. Our Jewish brothers, if this account about the Wyrzykowski family reaches you, you should know that thanks to them seven Jews survived and it is impossible to measure the reward they deserve.