From the testimony of Hinka Goldfarb (Weizman)

…We were escaping and they followed me. I managed to escape into a small wood near Shinkes. I didn't know where I was running, and suddenly this Christian stood in front of me and said: "Come in and go down to the basement." He pointed the direction to me and pushed me in. I watched through the window and saw the German soldiers running. The Christian told them that a Jewess had run into the forest, and even ran with them for a while. He also told his sons to run with the Germans. His name was Iosif Nazaruk. Then he came in and soothed his wife who was crying with fear. He told her: "This is the wish of the Lord. Once she is in our house, we cannot throw her out, and may the Lord help us." This was in the end of November 1942. Then my mother came. Nazaruk got her out of the ghetto with non-Jews who went in and out. The Nazaruk began to look for my husband with the help of his friends who worked for the postal services. He contacted another pastor whose wife and son in law worked for the Gestapo. Through them we discovered the whereabouts of my husband and he was brought from Pinsk. First they brought me a letter, and then they brought him. We all hid with Nazaruk. There were also a young physician and his mother. Thus we were five people (and another two, but they were later caught). I stayed in the room, because I was sick. The others were hidden in the barn and in different bunkers. He fed us. He had seven children and he himself would grind the wheat and bake the bread. He was a pastor, an educated man and a philosopher. I stayed there for a whole year and got well again.

The neighbors talked about the liquidation of the ghetto, about the pits that were prepared near Ganin, where the Jews were brought naked and all were killed. Whoever remained was caught and killed on the spot. The Germans never lacked help – Poles and Ukrainians.