Irene Danner's Testimony

There was no change at the beginning. I was only sad because they wouldn't let me join the youth movement.  But then they began with the inflammatory songs, such as 'Germany awaken, Judea perish'.

As they were singing 'Judea perish', the kids would point their fingers at me.  The teacher Hubert was the worst. He incited my school mates against me. He forbade me to sing in the church choir. Then I was excluded from physical education. All of a sudden my friends Emma and Gustl Roth didn't want to play with me any longer….

At school the children ridiculed me – 'stinking kike'. At home I took off all my clothes and washed them. I soaped my body, brushed my teeth, continuously chew mint, but to no avail. I was a stinker and I was ashamed to be such 'a kike'….

One day the forester of Eschollbrucken knocked at our door. He barked at us: 'Jews are not allowed to have dogs'. He grabbed our two pets who were standing next to my grandmother, wagging their tails and took them away. He shot them at the garbage collection point near our house…."

From: Ingeborg Prior, Der Clown und die Zirkusreitering [German], Malik 1997.