The story of the Beurkdjian File

On 15 December 1981, Alfred-Francois Beurdkjian, resident of  Vernouillet in the Paris region, France, wrote a letter to the Israeli Ambassador in Paris. He told the ambassador that he remembers the day of the big roundup in Paris on July 16-17, 1942, when he went with his father to the home of Joseph and Helene Goldhamer, their Jewish friends, and described how the Jewish couple was saved by his family. Mr. Beurdkjian asked that this act of generosity be remembered, and added “we would like, if possible, to get in touch with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goldhamer, whose trace we lost after their departure to the promised land”.

Helene Goldhamer’s address was found with the help of the Jewish Agency. In summer 1982 Alfred-Francois Beurkdjian wrote to Yad Vashem: “I am pleased to tell you that I have met Mme Helene Goldhamer at the home of her sister and brother in law, Mr. and Mrs. M. Teboul, in Paris on 21 July 1982. This meeting was an immense joy for me . Thank you for the efficiency of your research services.”

On 18 October 1982, based on Helene Goldhamer’s testimony, the Commission for the Designation of the Righteous bestowed the title of Righteous on Yervante and Elbis Beurkdjian.