Andree Geulen, May 1998, at the reunion of children who had been saved during the war at Chateau Jamoigne, Belgium

I was then a young woman; not better, nor worse than others. Life had kept me isolated from the major upheavals around me; I did not know unhappiness. Then, suddenly, I found myself, a young teacher, confronted with this tragedy that befell you. I could not accept it. I met you; I came looking for you at your homes. You placed your little hand in mine (the other hand held on to the large suitcase with all the treasures prepared with tears by your mothers), and we left on our journey…. For a long time now I wanted to say to you 'thank you' for having taught me the immeasurable stupidity of racism. This will remain with me for all of my life ….Never again have I felt such exaltation, such satisfaction, except when raising my own children; no other work has filled me with such pride. Imagine what this represented for a 20-year-old woman to go to sleep at night and think – another five children saved; another five children spared deportation…I loved you then so much; I still love you as much today.