From Henriette Voute's address at the ceremony at Yad Vashem, 1988, when a tree was planted in her honor

As a young girl we would enter an unknown home of unknown people. We would not mention our name, but the parents would confide their children to us. We urged them to hide themselves also, but in most cases they did not want to do that. If only their children were in safety.

That was 46 years ago. These children are today men and women about 50 years of age, and a number of them have played roles in the construction and defense of the state.

We would not have been able to do this alone. We were part of a group that was later be called "the Children's Committee". Each one of these people helped in searching for addresses where children could disappear, in transporting them, and supplying ration cards …We do not know how many children we have been able to shelter. Perhaps a few hundred. But what is the meaning of this number, if you realize what you have not been able to do.

Here we remember your and our dead. We believe in building a future. Planting our tree is in our eyes a symbol of this belief.