Andrzej Garbulinski


In late 1940, three Jews from the village of Czerna arrived at the home of Andrzej Garbulinski, who lived in the same village, and asked him for shelter and for help. They were Sarah Alfenbein, her daughter Hanna and her son Meir, who had escaped from the Plaszow camp. They had hidden beforehand in the home of a neighbor, Stanislaw Opce. The Garbulinski family agreed to take them in and to care for them.

In late 1943, Gestapo men arrived in the village. As they approached Garbulinski’s farm, he attempted to warn the family in hiding. They fled to a field, but as they were escaping, the mother and son were killed. At the end of the pursuit, the daughter was killed as well. Garbulinski and his son Wladyslaw were taken to the Jaslo prison. A short time after their arrest, the Germans sentenced the father to death. The son was transferred to a different prison, where he was murdered. The only one who made it through the war was the younger son, Marian.