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The Righteous Among The Nations

The Righteous Among The Nations

We Seek Your Help

Yvonne Roques, working with Paul Rémond, the bishop of Nice, France, arranged hiding places for Jewish children. In several cases, she hid Jewish children in her home until safe place could be found. Roques saved photos of some of the over 100 children she saved. She could not remember all their names and sent them to Yad Vashem in the hope that they would be recognized by someone.

From Regine Zimmerman's testimony: 

"I do not have the names of these children, but I still see their faces as they normally spent a few days with us until a home was found for them. I remember Yvonne washing them and finding clothes for them. I remember Rita who always had a smile at the end of the meals and said "I'm full!" and Serge who never smiled…."

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