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Yad Vashem's Response to Hate Graffiti Discovered in the Yad Vashem Campus

11 June 2012

Early this morning, ten pieces of hateful graffiti in Hebrew were discovered in the open campus of Yad Vashem, a large part scrawled across the walls of the Warsaw Ghetto Square monument.

This is a difficult and painful day for me and the staff of Yad Vashem, said Avner Shalev, Chairman of Yad Vashem. I am shocked and stunned by this callous expression of burning hatred against Zionists and Zionism. This is a worrying act that crosses a red line and is an offense to the memory of the Holocaust. I have reported it to the Minister of Education Gideon Saar, who also expressed his bewilderment. I also spoke to Yad Vashem Council Chairman Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, who joined me in expressing his concern over this grave deed.

The particularly disturbing slurs included poisonous attacks on Zionism. The main motif was that Zionism caused the Holocaust, for example: The Zionists wanted the Holocaust! Persecuting Jews! You declared war on Hitler in the name of the Jewish people. You brought about the Shoah! If Hitler hadnt existed, the Zionists would have invented him.

The police are investigating.

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