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German Foreign Minister Steinmeier at Yad Vashem Tomorrow

12 February 2006

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier will visit Yad Vashem tomorrow, February 13, 2006.

Following are press arrangements for his visit:
11:15: Arrival, tour of Holocaust History Museum: CLOSED to Cameras
12:30: Hall of Names, Holocaust History Museum: Photo-Op: POOL
12:45: Wreath-laying ceremony, Hall of Remembrance: OPEN
13:00: Childrens Memorial: CLOSED to Cameras
13:10: Signing of the Guest Book, Exit from Children's Memorial: OPEN

The Minister will not take questions at Yad Vashem.

Pool arrangements are as follows:
Foreign Press Stills: Getty Images; CIA Images
Israeli Press Stills: Yediot Achronot (03-6082305)
Foreign Press Video: SAT1 (02-537-0656); Reuters TV (02-500-8661)

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