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French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier at Yad Vashem Tomorrow

17 October 2004

French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier will visit Yad Vashem tomorrow, October 18, 2004. Following are press arrangements for his visit:

08:15 Arrival at Art Museum Entrance

“No Child’s Play” Exhibit (POOL)

09:00 Wreath-laying ceremony at Hall of Remembrance (OPEN)

Children’s Memorial and signing of Guest Book

09:30 New Holocaust History Museum and Hall of Names (POOL)

Pool arrangements are as follows:

Stills: David Blumenfeld, (Newsweek), 0547 299 989

TV: France 2, (Josselyne 050 534 898; Cecile 054 431 704) The Minister visited Yad Vashem previously in 1996.