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Spanish Foreign Minister at Yad Vashem Tomorrow

1 December 2004

Spanish Foreign Minister Migel Angel Moratinos will visit Yad Vashem tomorrow, December 2, 2004. Following are press arrangements for his visit:

08:30 Arrival at Art Museum Entrance

“No Child’s Play” Exhibit (Official Photographers Only)

09:00 Wreath-laying ceremony at Hall of Remembrance (OPEN)

09:10 Children’s Memorial (Cameras are not permitted in the Children’s Memorial)

09:15 Signing of Guest Book (OPEN)

09:20 Tour of New Holocaust History Museum under construction* (OPEN)

09:40 Conclusion of visit

* In March 2005 the new Holocaust History Museum will open at Yad Vashem. The new museum will replace the current Historical Museum, which opened thirty years ago. Beginning with a glimpse at the Jewish world that existed before the war, the new museum is three times the size of the current one, and it presents the story of the Holocaust from the Jewish perspective, through authentic artifacts, documentation, personal objects and the stories behind them. The personal story will be interwoven into the historical and thematic narrative. The Holocaust History Museum will include Holocaust era art in its exhibit and use contemporary artists to present an entire theme. The new Hall of Names will be an integral part of the museum, and include the repository of the Pages of Testimony as well as access to the Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names. In addition to the Holocaust History Museum, as part of the redevelopment of Yad Vashem, a new Art Museum - displaying the world’s most extensive collection of Holocaust Art, an Exhibition Pavilion, a Visual Center, Learning Center and Synagogue will be opened as well.

Journalists wishing to cover the Minister’s visit are requested to coordinate with the Media Relations Department at Yad Vashem : 02-644-3410.

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