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New Online Exhibit at On One Clear Day

5 September 2006

Yad Vashem launched an online exhibition today entitled On One Clear Day, marking 64 years to the day since the total destruction of Jewish life in the town of Wolbrom, Poland.

On September 5, 1942 the Jews of Wolbrom, were rounded up by the Germans and their collaborators. By the end of the next day, what was once a flourishing community ceased to exist.

Through video, photos, stories and testimonies, On One Clear Day weaves together poignant memories of a vibrant community that had existed for over four centuries, its tragic fate during the Holocaust, and the determined efforts since the end of the war to remember and commemorate the people and their life in that small town.

The story of Wolbrom is the story of thousands of Jewish communities. It is the story of the Holocaust.

To view exhibition, visit the Yad Vashem website:

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