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UN Secretary General at Yad Vashem Tomorrow

25 March 2007

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, will visit Yad Vashem tomorrow, March 26, 2007. Ban Ki-moon visited the Holocaust History Museum when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea.

Following are media arrangements for his visit:

10:15: Arrival - POOL

10:20: Tour of the Museum of Holocaust Art - POOL

10:55: Wreath-laying ceremony at Hall of Remembrance - OPEN

11:05: Children’s Memorial - CLOSED to Cameras

11:10: Signing of the Guest Book and Remarks by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Yad Vashem Chairman Avner Shalev, and Chairman of the Yad Vashem Council Joseph (Tommy) Lapid. Exit from the Children’s Memorial - OPEN


Foreign Press TV: ARD 03 562 8932

Foreign Press Stills: Covered by FPA wire pool

Israeli Press Stills: Flash 90

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