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Yad Vashems Website Wins WebiAward 2007

9 July 2007

For the second straight year, Yad Vashems website, has won People and Computer's Magazine WebiAward in the Special Category. The award will be presented today in Tel Aviv.

Yad Vashems Internet site is unique for its multi-dimensional and continually updated content. The content of the website is made of up of Yad Vashems extensive databases and resources. Some of the databases, such as the Central Database of Shoah Victims Names, are fully accessible on the site, while others are in the process of being made accessible online. The site also includes educational and interactive content, online exhibits, scholarly material, podcasts and more.

During 2006, the website was visited by 4.5 million visitors. An upward trend is already apparent for 2007, with an expected 7 million visitors from over 220 countries.


*15,000 pages

* 4,000,000 records

* 5,000,000 scanned files

*19,000 visitors a day

Michael Lieber, CIO of Yad Vashem, said, We are happy to receive this award for the second year in a row. The website is an exceedingly complex one, in terms of the variety of content, the wide-ranging target audience, and the emotional significance of the information and subject matter on the site.

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