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17 December 2006
On Tuesday, an International Conference Marking the 60th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials will open at Yad Vashem: Holocaust and Justice, Post-War Trials and the Holocaust: Representation, Awareness and Historiography
13 December 2006
Holocaust Denial: Paving the Way to Genocide
10 December 2006
Yad Vashem Alarmed by Continued Iranian Holocaust Denial
5 December 2006
New Exhibition at Yad Vashem An Arduous Road: Samuel Bak - 60 Years of Creativity
3 December 2006
Ségolène Royal at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
21 November 2006
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
21 November 2006
Moldova Foreign Minister at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
19 November 2006
Foreign Minister Amado of Portugal at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
5 November 2006
International School for Holocaust Studies to Award 2006 Prizes for Excellence in the Field of Holocaust Studies at ceremony tomorrow
2 November 2006
Serbian Foreign Minister Draskovic at Yad Vashem Sunday
27 October 2006
Jan Schep from the Netherlands To Be Honored As Righteous Among the Nations By Yad Vashem Sunday Award to be received on his behalf by his son Hank Schep in the presence of survivors
26 October 2006
Dr Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson To Grant Yad Vashem $25 Million, To Expand Its Outreach Activities In Holocaust Education & Commemoration
25 September 2006
Let My People Live! International Forum 65 Years Since the Murders at Babi Yar
18 September 2006
Siblings Reunite After 65 Years
12 September 2006
Yad Vashem Statement on Darfur
11 September 2006
Polish President at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
5 September 2006
New Online Exhibit at On One Clear Day
15 August 2006
Yad Vashem Statement on Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Exhibit
31 July 2006
About One Million Pages of Documentation about the Shoah Uploaded to Yad Vashem Website
17 July 2006
Righteous Among the Nations Ceremony Tuesday at Yad Vashem
11 July 2006
Japanese Prime Minister at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
10 July 2006
Pensioners Party led by party Chairman Rafi Eitan to Visit Yad Vashem Tomorrow
10 July 2006
Jeff Goldblum at Yad Vashem
9 July 2006
First Greek Educators Seminar at Yad Vashem
27 June 2006
Now available on Yad Vashem's Website,, Audio Broadcasts and Podcast Downloads Featuring the Insights and Perspectives of Yad Vashem's Researchers and Historians
26 June 2006
Teaching the Holocaust to Future Generations
Over 300 participants from 21 countries to participate in Fifth International Conference on Holocaust Education at Yad Vashem
14 June 2006
Yad Vashem Applauds Establishment of Wall of Righteous Commemorating French Righteous Among the Nations in Paris
12 June 2006
New Exhibit at Yad Vashem: Charlotte Salomon: Life? Or Theater?
11 June 2006
Righteous Among the Nations from the United States to be Honored at Yad Vashem Ceremony Tuesday
6 June 2006
German Ministers at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
6 June 2006
Turkish President at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
29 May 2006
Dutch Righteous Among the Nations Ceremony at Yad Vashem Wednesday
21 May 2006
Cinematic Representation and the Holocaust Record in Feature Films: Hollywood and Israel
Special Symposium Monday at Yad Vashem Explores Hollywood and the Holocaust
17 May 2006
I Giusti DItalia: I Non Ebrei Che Salvarono Gli Ebrei 1943-1945, Encyclopedia of the Righteous Among the Nations: Italy Presented at Yad Vashem Ceremony Tomorrow
16 May 2006
Following Todays Resolution By 11-Member State ITS/Arolsen Archives International Committee to Open Archives Today: International Work Group, Including Yad Vashem Representative To Review Archives and Make Recommendations
8 May 2006
Yad Vashem to Commemorate VE Day Tomorrow
30 April 2006
Yad Vashem Website Wins Award
23 April 2006
Chairman of the Yad Vashem Directorate Avner Shalev: Israeli society has an ethical duty to honor the Holocaust survivors, and to take care of them in the twilight of their days
23 April 2006
In response to media reports regarding the proposed name change of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp
23 April 2006
Central Database of Shoah Victims Names Available in Russian as of Holocaust Remembrance Day
22 April 2006
So that future generations will know
Yad Vashem opens campaign to videotape survivors testimony in their own homes
21 April 2006
Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Day, 24-25 April 2006, Central Theme and Events at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem
20 April 2006
Yad Vashem Statement on ITS/Arolsen Archives
10 April 2006
New at, Online exhibits, testimonies and educational material for Holocaust Remembrance Day
3 April 2006
New Center to Support Student Visits to Yad Vashem
14 March 2006
New Online Community Outreach Guide for Holocaust Names Recovery Project
6 March 2006
Slovenian President at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
20 February 2006
Latvian President at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
12 February 2006
German Foreign Minister Steinmeier at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
26 January 2006
OSCE and Yad Vashem Publish Guidelines for Teachers to Commemorate Holocaust Victims
24 January 2006
Press Invitation - Commemorative Ceremony in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust Egmont Palace, Brussels 27/01/2006
24 January 2006
New Exhibition at Yad Vashem: Montparnasse Déporté: The End of LEcole de Paris
23 January 2006
Yad Vashem No Childs Play exhibit opens tomorrow at UN
22 January 2006
Yad Vashem Launches International Holocaust Remembrance Day Online Resource Center, Video Testimonies, exhibits, educational materials available at
20 January 2006
Special Cabinet Meeting at Yad Vashem Marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day
On the same day, Yad Vashem will open new exhibition: Montparnasse Dèportè in the presence of the Diplomatic Corps
11 January 2006
Yad Vashem Warns Against Complacency in Face of Iranian Holocaust Denial
3 January 2006
Yad Vashem Events Surrounding January 27, International Holocaust Remembrance Day

















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