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7 September 2015
Lithuanian Prime Minister, Mr. Algirdas Butkevičius, at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
6 September 2015
Foreign Minister of Zambia, Mr. Harry Kalaba at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
9 August 2015
Event Marking 73 Years Since the Murder of Janusz Korczak, Stefa Wilczynska and the Children
20 July 2015
United States Secretary of Defense and Italian Prime Minister Visit Yad Vashem
20 July 2015
Producer Branko Lustig will present his Oscar for "Schindler's List" to Yad Vashem's Visual Center for Safekeeping
15 July 2015
British and Dutch Foreign Minister's Visit Yad Vashem
15 July 2015
Yad Vashem's response concerning the decision of a German court to sentence Oskar Groening to four years in prison for being an accomplice to the murder of 300,000 Jews at the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp, processing the confiscated belongings of the victims who arrived at the camp
5 July 2015
Foreign Minister of Greece at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
2 July 2015
Yad Vashem mourns the passing of Nicholas Winton
29 June 2015
Foreign Minister of Italy at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
24 June 2015
President of the German Bundestag to visit Yad Vashem Tomorrow
11 June 2015
Foreign Minister of Poland at Yad Vashem Sunday
2 June 2015
Canadian Foreign Minister at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
27 May 2015
Yad Vashem Chairman Avner Shalev to Receive theSamuelRothberg Prize in Jewish Education from the Hebrew University
20 May 2015
Yad Vashem Mourns Passing of Prof. Wistrich
11 May 2015
German Defense Minister at Yad Vashem Tomorrow
4 May 2015
Marking 70 Years since the End of WWII
8 April 2015
Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day, April 15-16, 2015 Central Theme and Events at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem
1 April 2015
New Yad Vashem Exhibition to Open in Advance of Holocaust Remembrance Day "Children in the Holocaust: Stars Without a Heaven"
29 March 2015
Echoes and Reflections Marks 10 Years as a Leader in Holocaust Education
26 March 2015
Pan-European Holocaust Archive Portal Launched Today
19 March 2015
Belarus Righteous Among the Nations to be Posthumously Honored at Yad Vashem
24 February 2015
Bulgarian Righteous Among the Nations to be Posthumously Honored at Yad Vashem
18 February 2015
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland at Yad Vashem Today
4 February 2015
Yad Vashem comment on the Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest
27 January 2015
UN Event for Intl Holocaust Remembrance Day Postponed to Wed.
26 January 2015
UPDATED Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attend Yad Vashem event tomorrow to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day
22 January 2015
Yad Vashem Chairman Shalev to Deliver Keynote Address at United Nations
18 January 2015
Prime Minister of Japan at Yad Vashem Tomorrow














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