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Press Room

Media Guidelines

Stills photography and video filming at Yad Vashem

Filming – stills or video – is only allowed with advance written permission from the Media Relations Department. Application for a filming permit must be made in writing and include full filming requirement details and requested date of filming.

Filming, if  permitted, must take place during Yad Vashem’s regular visiting hours.

  • Yad Vashem officials may only be interviewed by prior arrangement with the Media Relations Department.   Yad Vashem visitors may not be interviewed.
  • Archival photos and other images from Yad Vashem’s Archives are available through the Reference and Information Services.
  • For images of Yad Vashem and exhibitions an official request must be sent to the media relations department with specific details.

Please contact the Media Relations Department

by telephone: 972-2-6443410/1

by fax: 972-2--6443409

by email: