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Yad Vashem Jerusalem is a quarterly magazine published in English and Hebrew that is dedicated to major developments relating to the Holocaust and the Yad Vashem memorial institution. Since its inception in 1996, its distribution has grown from a few thousand to some 12,000 worldwide and 4,000 in Israel.

The publication covers a wide range of topic matter from groundbreaking research initiatives and scholarly conferences to educational methodologies, teacher-training courses and curriculum development. Current publications, research projects and recent Holocaust-era acquisitions are highlighted through colorful narratives, as are the many projects and achievements of Yad Vashem’s Hall of Names (which specializes in the commemoration of Holocaust victims). The magazine also features personal stories of Holocaust victims, survivors and Righteous Among the Nations; texts on notable personalities who visit the site; information about Yad Vashem’s new Museum Complex; and articles raising awareness about Holocaust-related current affairs and trends.

We invite you to join our wide assemblage of readers: eminent scholars and researchers, educators, Holocaust survivors, members of the second and third generation, friends of Yad Vashem, reporters and media organization affiliates, diplomats and members of Holocaust organizations.

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