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Newsletter No. 21,  July  2013

Holocaust Survivor Receives Books from Family Home through Grandson of Nazi Officer

"These books are the only thing that I have from my father".... During an emotional visit to Yad Vashem, Holocaust survivor Moshe Hofstadter received four books that belonged to his father Avraham who was murdered in the Holocaust. It took 72 years for Moshe Hofstadter to be reunited with his father's books. Read how Yad Vashem's Online Database of Shoah Victims' Names played a part in this story. Please share this heartwarming story with others.

In Search of Lost Memories

Save the Date:  Tuesday August 6th!   Watch "In Search of Lost Memories", a behind-the-scenes look at Yad Vashem's Shoah Victims' Names Recovery Project in the Former Soviet Union. The documentary film follows the efforts of project staff as they seek to commemorate the name of each individual murdered in these areas under Nazi occupation during the Holocaust – a goal hampered for decades due to the rupture in relations between the Soviet Union and Israel. The film includes moving footage of visits to remote villages, where volunteers conduct interviews with eyewitnesses in a last-minute attempt to collect information and names that would otherwise have been lost forever.  (Director: Boris Maftsir   -  Language:   Russian & Hebrew with English subtitles)

Presented by "To Life, L'Chaim" on JLTV in the U.S. For a complete channel listing please click here: