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Newsletter No. 13, September 2009

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Dear Friend,
As the Jewish New Year approaches, it is an opportunity to reflect upon our actions and events of the previous year. At this time traditionally reserved for introspection, we would also like to look to you, our friends and supporters, and take this opportunity to wish you a happy healthy New Year.

What’s New
Original Plans for Auschwitz Presented to Yad Vashem Marking the 70th Anniversary of the Outbreak of WWII
Original Plans for Auschwitz Presented to Yad Vashem

Last month at a special ceremony in Berlin, the Germany newspaper Bild presented original architectural plans of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for safekeeping at Yad Vashem. The blueprints were discovered in an apartment in Berlin, and then purchased by the newspaper. Some of the 29 documents bear notes in the margins, or signatures by senior Nazis, including Himmler. The plans will be displayed at Yad Vashem in January 2010, marking 65 years since the liberation of Auschwitz.

Marking the 70th Anniversary of the Outbreak of WWII

An international symposium marking the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II and looking at its significance for the fate of the Jews was recently held by Yad Vashem’s International Institute for Holocaust Research and the Embassy of Poland in Israel. Pulitzer Prize winner Prof. Saul Friedlander delivered the keynote lecture, and a special event marking the Hebrew publication of his book, The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945 (Yad Vashem and Am Oved, 2009) was held at Yad Vashem.

Spotlight on the Web

From Our Collections: Marking the New Year
From Our Collections: Marking the New Year

The holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are traditionally a time for introspection, asking for and giving forgiveness, resolving to do better, and praying for a healthy and happy year to come. Through testimony, artifacts, photos, cards and prayer books from Yad Vashem’s collections, this online exhibition, also available in Spanish, offers a glimpse into some of the ways that Jews before, during and immediately after the Holocaust marked these special days.

Names Recovery

Message from Rabbi Lau for Rosh Hashanah

Message from Rabbi Lau for Rosh Hashanah

Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, Chairman of the Yad Vashem Council, drawing on biblical sources, delivers an inspirational drasha (homily) on the importance of commemorating the Jews who perished during the Shoah. Rabbi Lau, himself a child survivor of Buchenwald, powerfully calls upon Jews across the world to join Yad Vashem's efforts to recover the names of each individual Shoah victim by filling out Pages of Testimony in their memory and submitting them to Yad Vashem. This is a race against time. Act now before those who still remember them are gone forever. Search for information or submit names of people who perished during the Shoah on Yad Vashem's Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names.

Recent Events

Jewish Soul Music at Yad Vashem
Jewish Soul Music at Yad Vashem

Maestro Giora Feidman and his masterclass students from around the world joined him for a concert of “Jewish Soul Music” (Klezmer), captivating an eclectic group in the Valley of Communities at Yad Vashem. The musicians ranged from talented Israeli high school students to seasoned professionals from abroad. The towering walls of the Valley, etched with the names of Jewish communities destroyed during the Holocaust, made a perfect and imposing setting - the music soaring out across the hills on the cool air of the Jerusalem summer evening. The music, performed here in Jerusalem, was a living memorial to the Jewish world destroyed during the Shoah, and the celebration of Jewish life that continues.

Highlights from the Newsroom

Feature articles in the international press brought worldwide coverage to several summer events at Yad Vashem. From among the press clippings:
Auschwitz Blueprints Given to Israeli PM
An Open Letter to Archbishop Desmond Tutu

With Your Support...

Yad Vashem’s activities and programs would not be possible without the support of our many donors and friends. In these difficult days, when pursuing the important mission of commemoration of the Holocaust has never been more necessary, Yad Vashem more than ever needs you to join us in our efforts to transform commemoration into a lasting commitment to the Jewish people, to moral values and to responsible action.

New website makes donating to Yad Vashem easy
Yad Vashem’s website has been revamped to offer visitors a new, easy-to-access interface, enabling all surfers wishing to make a contribution in any amount towards our ongoing work the opportunity to do so. With 8 million visits in 2008 from all over the globe, it is clear that Yad Vashem’s website remains a much sought-after destination for people seeking information about both Yad Vashem, and wider research on the Holocaust itself.

New website makes donating to Yad Vashem easy

The website also offers the opportunity to view current projects of interest for which we seek your support, such as last-minute efforts to record Survivor Testimonies, and the uploading of names to the Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names. Additionally, the website continues to offer the popular option of making a meaningful gift in memory or in honor of someone special.

It is Yad Vashem’s hope that via the new website, more of our friends will be able to continue their partnership with us, even in these times of financial hardships. Your generous support remains deeply appreciated.

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Yad Vashem Quarterly Magazine

Yad Vashem Quarterly Magazine

The quarterly magazine Yad Vashem Jerusalem has a new online format. You can now easily scroll through the summer issue online or download the articles to read it in a print format. The summer issue surveys Pope Benedict XVI’s historic visit to Yad Vashem including a look at the special gift he received during his visit. In addition to information about new educational endeavors and publications, read about a special concert performed at Yad Vashem. The Israel Philharmonic performed Bernstein’s “Kaddish -Symphony No. 3” with a text written and performed by Holocaust Survivor Dr. Samuel Pisar.

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