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Newsletter January 2008 - Special Alert - ITS Update
New Online Service Includes ITS Materials

ITS Archives Now Available

Yad Vashem has updated its technical resources, and inquiries about Holocaust victims may now be made online. The vast archival materials amassed over the years at Yad Vashem, including a portion of the scanned International Tracing Service (ITS) materials recently transferred to Yad Vashem, will be accessed to respond to these queries. Our reference staff, recently bolstered to attend to the expected influx in inquiries, will respond individually to each request, but please allow several weeks for an answer. Meanwhile, because the documents received from the ITS are not in an online searchable format, Yad Vashem’s technical staff is working diligently to make them accessible via our reference staff. In parallel, Yad Vashem is investing immense efforts to integrate the ITS materials into its computer systems in order to eventually make them available to the public in a user-friendly manner.

With 75 million pages of documentation, as well as photographs, testimonies, Pages of Testimony and more, Yad Vashem’s Archives comprise the largest collection of information on the Holocaust. In the mid-1950s Yad Vashem microfilmed large portions of the International Tracing Service (ITS) records, incorporating those documents into its Archives. An amendment to the ITS treaty by its International Commission in November 2007, has allowed Israel, represented by Yad Vashem, to obtain scanned copies of the entire ITS collection. While much of the first portion of this information, received in August 2007, duplicates the documents received decades ago, the copies received by Yad Vashem comprise additional material collected by the ITS over the last 50 years, as well as documents never received by Yad Vashem. The receipt of the scanned ITS materials is an ongoing project with additional materials to be transferred to Yad Vashem over the course of the next two years.

Decades of Experience
Yad Vashem’s Reference and Information staff has amassed unprecedented technical and research skills over the last 50 years. This experience, in addition to the vast body of resources at its disposal, allows Yad Vashem to respond to the 25,000 yearly inquiries it receives every year.

Information requests may be sent via mail or fax (+972-2-644-3669), using a downloadable form, or an online form. To learn more about submitting a request click here. For more information, facts and history about ITS, Yad Vashem and the documents in the Archives, please visit our ITS fact sheet. As always, our research staff considers these requests an important priority and new queries will be answered in a timely manner. The public is welcome to visit Yad Vashem and search our entire collection of archival material. Our reading room is open 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Sunday – Thursday.

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